About Us

ABC Group is the pioneer enterprise engaged in the field of building
material industry. Started as a trading and marketing company in 1998
at Taliparamba, the group widened its wings with retail, wholesale,
projects, distribution, imports, exports, OEM manufacturing and
international operations. In India, the Group has crossed the turnover
of more than 550 crores with a team strength of more than 1000 by the
last financial year.

Who We Are?

As part of globalization of ABC brand, ABC group has spread its wings in international operations especially targeting the Arabian Countries. We started our first showroom at Doha, Qatar in 2009 as our first International operation. Within a span of 8 years ABC group has grown to a global known business group. This tremendous grow is the result of the whole hearted patronage of our beloved customers, dedicated service of our employees and honest and service minded business practices we adopt. Presently, ABC is one of the most valuable global brands in the segment of Tiles, Sanitary wares and Bathroom fittings, selling all varieties and satisfying the demand of all sections of people arising out of their needs, dreams and affordability. The Company’s primary focus has been on products related to Ceramic & porcelain tiles, sanitary wares, bathroom fittings & allied products. ABC is the unique and single name in the field of Tiles, Sanitary Wares and bathroom fittings carrying out wholesale and retail trading, project, Import and exports and distribution. The growth of ABC is an inspiring story of a small business started with sub dealership in Tiles, sanitary wares etc acquiring the profile of the authorized dealer of all prestigious and high end global brands in sanitary, Tiles and Bathroom fittings.

ABC Group Global Corporate Video

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To market top-of-the-line brands & products, earn customer trust
through quality and personalized service, build a lasting relationship
with customers and team members through shared values and
achieve progressive targets each year

The Golden Principles of ABC Strategy

The business world ABC is founded on the basis of unique, ethical and healthy principles. They mould all our strategy of business and are instilled deeply in the top level executives who decide and design all our operations.

Meet Our Leadership Team

Core Purpose

"Help people to transform their world"

“Every accomplishment starts with the decision to transform. ABC believes in the Power of transforming human lives”

Core Values

Relationship for Life

ABC has a lifelong commitment to its customers, employees , stake holder, vendors and well-wishers. We are committed to help them to lead a happier, longer and fulfilling life

Futuristic and innovative

ABC rises up to a fresh world of ideas and a new way of life. It proudly bring state-of-the art designs & products from expertise across the world and spread innovative ideas.

Responsible & Result Oriented

We are committed to deliver responsible and result oriented product & service – we believe that , the success of our organization depends upon its responsibility to the society.

Customer Service and Satisfaction

ABC provides customer experience that is not just the best, but exceptional. We relentlessly strive at delivering innovative and enduring products and services that are unmatched thus ensuring absolute customer satisfaction

Teamwork for Excellence

For us Excellence is a habit. We are powered by a team that has outgrown individual Performance and has made excellence a reality.

Win-win Co-operation

We are committed to deliver responsible and result oriented product & service – we believe that , the success of our organization depends upon its responsibility to the ABC always achieves success through its unique win – win strategy. Our customers, employees, stakeholders and vendors will reap the benefits of happiness and good life.

Business Style

Customer-Centric, Global Vision, Creativity, Innovation, Smart thinking and Good Team Work