ABC group, the global brand in building material industry has opened its latest showroom in Thalassery, ABC Sales Corporation.
Thalassery Khasi Ibrahim Kutty Musaliar inaugurated the showroom meeting all the COVID norms.
ABC group’s branding and events division’s logo ‘PIC AD’ was unveiled by Mr. Musthafa Haji. ABC Group Founder & Managing Director Shri Mohammad Madani, Managing Partners Shri Mohammad Jabir, Junaid KN, Abdul Vahid Mohammad Taslim, Rafi P, Muhammad Basheer Shinad KN,ABC Sales Corporation Thalassery Partners Shri Thanveer Panoli Kayyalakkandi, Muhammed Abdul Naushad and ABC MyHome Partner Shri Shamrez Becker were also present. The first sale was received by Thalassery Merchant Industrialist Coordinating Committee President Shri Jawad Ahmed from ABC Group Chairman Shri Mohammad Madani.